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Track store performance based on weather or custom events

Measuring the success of events, campaigns, or weather prove to be very useful for future planning. GiftLogic’s weather/event tracker helps you understand sales figures by associating them to a tracked event.

Features Include:

  • Create tags for any event: weather, sidewalk sale, tour bus visits…
  • Simple tag creation with drop down menu
  • Reuse previously created events
  • Tags assigned to sale automatically default for subsequent sales on that day
  • Multiple reports available for reviewing sales during events


  • Better understand daily sales variances
  • Review outcome of scheduled events
  • Make well-informed decisions for future campaigns
  • Plan for weather patterns with confidence
  • Use past event results to schedule staff appropriately
  • Group weather with events to capitalize on foot traffic
  • Compare sales totals from previous events

*Included with every GiftLogic license

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